Most Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Computer Networking?
In the universe pertaining to computers, networking is the exercise of linking two or more computing devices as one for the advantage of sharing data. Networks are assembled with a weave of computer hardware and computer software.

2 How is Network Performance Measured?
The performance or “quickness” of a computer network is normally measured in units of bits per second (bps). This quantity can portray either an absolute data estimate or a logical cap to available network bandwidth. The related units of Kbps, Mbps, Gbps act as increasingly larger multiples of bps.

3 Can you repair my network?
We are experienced in maintaining and repairing several kinds of networks. We can install cutting-edge wired or wireless operations and aim to do all things from the launching of cabling to the configuration of the wireless transmission stations.

4 How do I know if I have a virus or spyware?
There are a number of indications that your computer may have a virus or spyware. You may receive error messages that you don’t recognize, you may find devices that don’t work anymore, or your computer may process things slower than usual. We have a number of ways to remove viruses and spyware, and in most cases we remove all of it.

5 What do I do if my hard drive fails?
If your hard drive fails, hopefully you retain a backup. Supposing that you do, we can easily switch the data to new hard drive. If you don’t, we can usually retrieve the data using a number of specialized methods. We can support you in setting up backup hardware and software.

6 Do you repair printers and other computer devices?
Yes, we have been servicing and repairing printers since 1988. We take care of trouble shoot basic issues on most computer devices if it is economically practical for you to refurbish the device rather than replace it.

7 What kind of computers do you repair?
We repair and maintain most brands of computers. We have customers who use off brand computers as well as brand names including Dell, HP, Sony, Apple, and Lenovo. We work on laptop as well as desktop computers.

8 Can you repair my computer at my place of business?
You do not have to bring to computer to our location. For many of our service calls, we come to you. We make sure that we maintain excellent service by using only experienced, qualified, customer oriented technicians. We follow up each service call with a phone call to confirm you are completely satisfied.

9 What happens if I need service on the weekends or at night?
We provide 24/7 critical business support and will service your computer or network at any time. Our prices are charged out at 1.5 for emergency calls.